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6 Barriers to Weight Loss

1 Toxin Overload

Your body creates NEW fat cells to protect you from toxins. They bind with fat & your body won't let go of fat until you remove them. With Nutritional Cleansing, the toxins are removed & fat falls off easily.

2 Low HGH

Growth Hormone (HGH) is a fat burning & muscle building hormone, but rapidly declines after age 30. The best way to increase it is by cleansing & intermittent fasting. Done properly, you can increase it by 2000%!

3 Elevated Cortisol

Stress causes Cortisol, a fat storing & muscle eating hormone, which lasts for 6-9 hrs. You have a 0% chance of losing weight with cortisol in your blood, but we have one daily drink that reduces stress in 15-30 minutes.

4 Insulin Resistance

Nearly everyone overweight has insulin resistance, which actually makes you hold on to and store fat, so we'll teach you how to reverse it in 3 proven steps, and start releasing fat again.

5 Excessive Hunger & Cravings

Cravings & hunger are a real issue, which cause you to snack and reverse your results, so we'll teach you to become fat adapted, and how to eat so you're less hungry and turn your body into a Fat Burning Machine!

6 Accountability

When you have a Coach and 2 accountability partners, your success skyrockets to over 90%!

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Basic Pack (Includes 2 weeks maintenance)

  • 56 Superfood Meals
  • 4 Cleanse days
  • Ionix Supreme – Stress Reducer
  • Natural Accelerator
  • 8 Snack Bites
  • IsaComfort – Toxin Flush
  • Shaker Bottle

$329 CA / $299 US

6 Day Fat Detox

  • 14 Superfood Meals
  • 4 Cleanse Days
  • Snack Bites for cleanse days
  • IsaComfort/IsaFlush
  • Ionix Supreme

    $225 CA / $205 US

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Our Customers are Having Amazing Results!

"This program dramatically helped with my chronic pain and allowed me lose 110 lbs, and still counting!"

- Orenda S (Kelowna, BC)

"This program has completely turned my health and life around in a month and I've never looked back."

- Jay C (Kelowna, BC)

"I am so grateful for being introduced to this healthy lifestyle and reaching my weight loss goals... and then some!"

- Kethra S (Kelowna, BC)

I've done 4 Shred Challenges so far and have lost 50 pounds and been able to maintain my results! Now I'm helping others change their lifestyle, too!

- Haven S. (Westbank, BC)

I've been on this product for 7 months and am down 32" and lost 54 pounds! I love how I feel when taking this product and excited to lose even more!

- Davina C (Kelowna, BC)

After losing 50 lbs, I'm in the best shape of my life! I'm 47 and my energy is back again, my brain fog is finally gone and I feel healthier than EVER!

Brenden M (Westbank, BC)

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